“A regretful sale” NIKON V1

Much to my wife’s annoyance I have gone through a lot of cameras over the years and even though I have slowed down somewhat (partly due to Brexit & the ludicrous increase in prices of camera gear in the UK) there are some cameras that I have fondly owned and sold that I kind of regret selling…so begins a section entitled “A regretful sale”

So onto the NIKON V1…

This camera has had a lot of negativity in the photographic community. I think this boils down to a combination of the silly prices they were at launch and the 1″ sensor (which has become quite accepted now thanks to the Sony RX series) many also dismissed the 1 system without actually physically giving it a try.

I never any have these issues as I bought one when they were “out of date” and under £100 and the “small” 1″ sensor wasn’t that far off from micro four thirds cameras I had been using before.

Sure the camera can deliver a noisy image 800 iso onwards but the noise is more like film grain than blotchy and can be aesthetically nice especially for B&W photography.

I actually loved the 10.5 megapixels images it produced. Sharp and nice small manageable RAW files with decent enough dynamic range to play with.

10.5 megapixels seemed pathetic to many during the megapixel wars that was being fought at the V1’s release.

It was bold for Nikon to go against the trend. For me a high megapixel count is only useful for cropping and printing photos in billboard size. More megapixels really does not automatically mean better image.

I feel Nikon wanted to replicate a more film look with their 1″ sensor and comes with the limitations that film has. Sadly dismissed in this spoiled digital age.

Self portrait with the V1

Something I like a lot about the camera is its SOLID…im clueless if they were weather proofed but I felt confident using the V1 in all kinds of conditions.

The AF on these are fast and the cameras have very large buffers for burst shooting. Great for sports!

The SB N5 is a neat little flash and bounce works well.

The V1 (and its siblings) are superb for street photography as they can be used completely silent thanks to their electronic shutter…something that is quite common now in mirrorless cameras..but the V1 was one of the first. The black model is also quite unassuming so it doesn’t draw attention to itself.

I’m in a minority but I actually liked the ergonomics of the camera..kind of a future/retro simplistic look.

Battery life is very very good indeed and comes with a nice high capacity battery which unfortunately Nikon decided to ditch for a weaker one in the later models.

Here’s some examples taken with the V1











Sadly it looks like the NIKON 1 system is going to die out as Nikon seems to be abandoning it. A shame but as long as there are them around they can be used to capture great images.

Why did I sell?

Mostly down to being drawn towards the Fuji x100 series and needing the money to buy one…which ironically I also sold (and regret)…but thats another story 🙂


2 thoughts on ““A regretful sale” NIKON V1

  1. And here I am… caressing my Nikon V1…

    I agree with most of your points… It’s a well-built little camera. Not as compact as Ricoh GR/GRD, but small enough while packing a lot of power under the hood.

    Anyway, looking forward to your article on X100… Cheers! 🙂


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