Fujifilm Instax – It’s like crack for camera users! Part II

In my previous post about Fujifilm Instax I mentioned how to obtain the best results from this format.

If you want to control Exposure/focus and aim to get more keepers then the only way (at present) is the Hybrid method of transferring digitally via wifi to a Instax printer.

Sacrilegious I know for those Instant film purists but stay with me…

I’ve been using the Instax Share SP2 and when using a compatible Fuji camera you can print nice little photos with a couple of clicks.

My main reason for buying a SP2 is that its small,compact and quick to print off a photo for someone whenever i’m out street shooting…which is an excellent ice breaker.

I currently use a (vastly underrated) Fuji X30 along with the SP2.


I have also had a test with a X100T which does a great job.

You have to sync your camera to the printer but once done you then can take your shot and go into playback menu..



IMG_1826 and print!


As you can see it prints off a pretty accurate copy of your photo


Now I know its technically not instant and the original photo is digital but the printing process is still chemically based (the printer hits light to the paper and it rolls the chemical out when dispensing)  so the end result looks filmic even if the source is digital.


I enjoy using it a lot and also use the Fujifilm Share App to transfer my film scans and other digital photos with nice results. Using the App is a much slower process however.


So a great alternative for using Instax film.

I wish Fuji would make a printer version for Instax Wide but then I guess the printer would have to be large to accommodate this.

So to sum up.


Full control of your image and less chance of wasting film.

Lovely Fuji colours!


Not Instant in the purist sense!

If you want genuine instant film experience then embrace the unpredictability and surprise when you take that shot.

Get a cheap Instax camera.

If you want full control of your Instax prints then get an Instax Share.

Or do both like I do! 🙂

One more thing…

Fujifilm SQ10


There is a new kid on the  block called the SQ10 which shoots digitally and prints out using the new square format.

Initially I was interested in this camera (especially for my daughter) but then looking into the reviews there seems to be a few issues with focus and exposure.  It had potential in that you can control your image better and see what your shooting (via LCD) but the results looks mixed.

I also like it can be used for left handed people!

In the end its overpriced for a camera which is effectively a mobile phone camera with a printer strapped the back.

Time will tell if the hybrid camera will be as popular as Fuji’s past Instant cameras.


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